Mount Olivet Youth Staff


    Geoffrey Arenson, Junior High Youth Staff - MPLS
    Geoff has been at Mount Olivet on the youth staff for 10 years!  He joined the Junior High team in 2004 and loves his job!  He assists with the Chancel Choir, coordinates the Adopt-A-Grandparent program at Mount Olivet Home and leads our Junior High Alive and Peer Ministry programs


    Pastor Drew Bakken, Pastoral Adviser to the Youth Department
    Pastor Bakken is the Pastoral adviser to the youth staff. He is the lead Pastor for the Confirmation program and enjoys working with the youth of our congregation. He is actively involved with the programs for our youth from 7th-12th grade.


    Kate Belschner, Junior High Youth Staff - WEST
    Kate joined the staff in October of 2016. She assists Zach with Confirmation and runs the Junior High Alive and peer ministry programs at West.  She also trains and coordinates volunteers for the food drive.


    Marnie Carlson, High School Youth Staff - MPLS
    Marnie has worked on the Mount Olivet youth staff since 2006 and coordinates the Circle of Friends program at the Minneapolis Campus.  She also helps with Cathedral Choir and Hi-League.

    Gina DeNucci, Junior High Youth Staff - MPLS
    Gina has been at Mount Olivet since the fall of 2013 and is passionate about her work at Cathedral of the Pines and at Mount Olivet.  She trains and coordinates volunteers for the food drive and acolyting.  She also works with Geoff on the Adopt-A-Grandparent program, assists with Chancel Choir and Junior High Alive.


    Billy Johnson, Youth Director
    Billy has worked with the young people of Mount Olivet since 1994.  He oversees the Mount Olivet youth staff on both campuses, runs the Hi-League program, coordinates the Kids' Cafe program with Dane and assists with Cathedral Choir.

    Dane Moore, High School Youth Staff - MPLS
    Dane joined the Mount Olivet youth staff in the fall of 2012.  He leads the Mount Olivet Board, assists with Cathedral Choir and Hi-League.  He runs the Kids' Cafe program with Billy and coaches M.O. Hoops.

    Zach Spirov,  Confirmation - WEST
    Zach joined the Mount Olivet youth staff in the fall of 2012. He works with Helen and Katie at the West Campus.    This year, Zach is adding Confirmation to his duties and is looking forward to the opportunity!

    Angie St. Dennis, Confirmation - MPLS
    Angie has been our Confirmation Coordinator at the Minneapolis Campus since 2005.  She enjoys the energy and action around the building on Confirmation days as well as her time spent with the students at Confirmation retreats.   She has two daughters, one in college and one who is currently active in the Hi-League program. 

    Jeff Larson, High School Youth Staff - WEST
    Jeff has been the High School Youth Staff at the West Campus since October of 2014.  He runs Hi-League  and assists with Cathedral Choir at West Campus as well as Mount Olivet Board at West Campus.