A Message from Interim Senior Pastor Dennis Johnson

People have asked me what I will do? As the interim senior pastor, I will represent Pastor John Hogenson in directing, supporting, and assisting the staff and congregation of Mount Olivet in his absence.

My highest hope is that I will be seen as a “stand in” for Pastor Hogenson while he continues to recover. By entrusting the care and responsibility of the office of Senior Pastor to an interim person, Pastor Hogenson can focus all of his energies on recovery. I pledge to do my best to maintain the forward momentum established by the congregation and staff¬ under his leadership.

I look forward to the day when he can actively resume his highly-praised ministry to and with Mount Olivet members. As Christians, we have been taught and we have experienced God’s presence in joy, sorrow, laughter, tears, triumph, and tragedy. Life’s circumstances change, but God’s abiding presence does not fail. With God, problems are bearable and our joy is lasting. I am honored and humbled to be asked to temporarily provide leadership. Mount Olivet is a great church, with a great past, a great present and great future!

I look forward to serving with you!

Pastor Dennis Johnson, Interim Senior Pastor