December 12
Wednesday 11:00 AM
Minneapolis: Main Sanctuary- Minneapolis Campus
December 16
Sunday 8:30 AM
This is for communion that takes place at either campus
Minneapolis: Serley Chapel
December 16
Sunday 9:00 AM
~Sermon: Pastor
~Communion: 8:30am & 12:45pm
~Sunday Church School: 9,10,11
~The Way: 9,10,11
~Nursery: 9,10,11

Minneapolis: Main Sanctuary- Minneapolis Campus
December 19
Wednesday 11:00 AM
Minneapolis: Main Sanctuary- Minneapolis Campus
December 23
Sunday 8:30 AM
This is for communion that takes place at either campus
Minneapolis: Serley Chapel

Bible Doodle

Wednesdays, Oct 7, Oct 28 & Nov 18, 7-8pm, Mpls - 1700 Chapel Fellowship Hall.

Meditation. Being still with God. It sounds so good, yet it can be so difficult. If you are looking for a way to let go of the day’s chaos, turn your eyes upon Jesus, and soak up God’s word, join us for three sessions of creative meditation. We will doodle with devotion, borrowing ideas from Zentangle. We will draw a series of visual reminders to draw near to God--listening to God’s soft, still voice in the process. No creative skill or artful talent are required, just a desire to slow down and savor God’s word. Cost: $15 (includes materials).


MObile Faith Kick-Off | How to Simplify Your Life

MPLS - Mon 10/19, 7-8pm., Fellowship Hall. WEST - Mon 10/26, 7-8pm, Gronseth Fellowship Hall.

Learn everything you need to know about MObile Faith, Mount Olivet’s new online learning program. Pastor Cornils (at Mpls), Pastor Youngdahl (at West) and Liz Otteson will introduce you to the flexible, engaging arena of faith-based learning via your computer or mobile device. Join us as we sample part of "How to Simplify Your Life," explore online learning, and consider how it can deepen our connection to God and our congregation.


MObile Faith Group Discussion | How to Be a Crazy Christian

Tues 12/1, 7-8:30pm, Fellowship Hall.

Sample the world of online learning in a lively large group setting. We will explore “How to Be a Crazy Christian” together, with dedicated time for dialogue. Join Amy Hyatt, Babs Johnson, and Liz Otteson for a moderated discussion of how “God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom” (1 Cor 1:25), and how we might transform our lives into the likeness of Jesus.


Parents Share Book Discussion | Parenting: The Gift of Saying No to Your Kids by David Walsh

Wednesdays, 10/14 through 11/18, 9:30 – 11 am, Room 395-397.

In this wonderful book, David Walsh identifies a new malady, Discipline Deficit Disorder. It is pervasive and destructive, cutting across all ethnic and socioeconomic lines. In an effort to make kids happy, parents are increasingly failing to discipline them, showering them instead with the things they demand. Without rules and limits, kids become self-absorbed, disrespectful, and unable to delay gratification. Kids are growing up without the building blocks of resilience, resourcefulness, and determination, the very qualities they need to cope with life’s inevitable adversity. How can we counter this epidemic? Join Marilyn Sharpe, Mount Olivet member and parent educator, to learn ways we can grow great kids, faithfully. Note: This class meets in place of Parents Share for these six weeks. Cost $15 (Includes book). Childcare available, register in nursery.


Spiritual Oasis Guided Sessions

WEST - Mon (10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26), 11:30-12pm., Sanctuary. MPLS - Tue (10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27), 12:30-1pm, 1700 Chapel Sanctuary.

If you are curious about the Spiritual Oasis, but aren’t sure how to use this sacred space, join Liz Otteson for a guided session every week in October (Mondays in the West Sanctuary, Tuesdays in the 1700 Chapel Sanctuary. We will offer inspiration for your spiritual renewal with meditative music, slow and sacred scripture readings, guided meditations, and other tools for creating a peaceful, prayerful pause in your day. Cost: Donation.


Thomas Merton's Message of Hope

Thurs 10/8-22, 7-8:30pm, Gronseth Fellowship Hall, West Campus.

Thomas Merton, 20th century Cistercian monk and mystic, continues to be widely read and recognized for his soaring intellect and depth of spiritual understanding. In this three-session series, led by Pastor Stephen Cornils and Dr. Curtis Paulsen, Professor Emeritus, Augsburg College, we will discover a message of hope that the contemplative life offers—that, if you dare to penetrate your own silence, you will discover an intimate union of God’s spirit and your authentic, inmost self. As part of the series, you will receive a copy of The Pocket Thomas Merton. Cost: Donation.


Tuesday PM Study: The Year of Luke: Four Passages You Need to Understand to Understand Luke's Gospel

Tuesdays 10/27-11/17, 7-8:30pm, Mpls Room 482-86 .

On the last Sunday in November, we move from the “year of Mark” to the “year of Luke,” which means that most of the Sunday gospel texts throughout the year will come from that book of the Bible. Yet, what might key passages through which to hear and make sense next year? ­ This class with the fun and engaging Dr. Karoline Lewis, Professor of Biblical Preaching at Luther Seminary, will explore four critical stories in Luke that through their characters, details, and themes, will help us get at the heart of Luke’s presentation and portrait of Jesus. If possible, please read through the entire Gospel of Luke prior to the ‑rest class. Cost: Donation.


Wednesday & Thursday Word: The Gospel of Luke

MPLS - Wed 10/14-11/11 10:30am-12noon, Room 482-86.

WEST - Th­urs 10/15-11/12 10-11:30am, Gronseth Fellowship Hall.

Join the Mount Olivet Pastors for this inspiring study that is sure to provide helpful insights into the sermons you will hear over the coming year.   Cost: Donation.


Women's Book Discussion | Ordinary Grace by William Krueger

Wed 10-14-11/4, 9:00 AM-10:00 AM, Room 390

Set in a small Minnesota town in the summer of 1961, this is a touching coming-of-age novel about family, faith, and the lessons of loss. With a compelling plot, characters for whom you care deeply, and a narrative filled with beauty and memorable lines, Krueger’s book attains grace on more than one level. Carol Throntveit facilitates. Cost: $15 (includes book).


Ongoing Adult Ministry Opportunities

   Read Through the Bible -- daily devotional Bible reading

   Living the Message -- small group Bible study

   Evening Library Book Club -- 2nd Wednesday of the month

   Mid-Day Book Club -- 3rd Tuesday of the month

   Chair Holy Yoga -- contact Carol Throntveit by email or 612.767.2246

   Energy Healing -- contact Carol Throntveit by email or 612.767.2246