Relaxing Summer Sundays

It is May 1st as I write this. I’m sitting at my desk looking out over Minnehaha Creek and the big wet blobs of SNOW that are falling! You’ve just got to love Minnesota – either that or move south!

God has blessed us with a multitude of amazing seasons, both in life and in weather. I try never to take for granted the sheer blessing of seeing the apple trees blossom, the willow tree branches blowing in the breeze, the tulips springing forth in technicolor, the magnolia trees in all their precious glory, and the miraculous greening of billions of blades of grass.

God is so good!

When my siblings and I were kids, we went to church (no matter what). If the car took off without us in it, we knew it was going to be a very long day. As a young mom, I have to admit that I wasn’t as good as my mom at getting us all to church in the summer. Maybe it was the often rare glimpses of warm and sunny days that kept us Minnesotans from going inside.

Whatever the reason, as a pastor who now spends each Sunday during summer at worship, I see that we missed out. Summer Sundays are more relaxed. Without the hustle and bustle that comes with multiple kids and multiple sports and multiple schools, Sundays are a time for a family to just be. Be together, be God’s children, be giving thanks and praise, and be community.

While it may be snowing today, God’s creation is in bloom and summer is just around the corner. And it is the perfect season to get together with your church family and be refreshed, be renewed, and be loved by our Lord and Savior.
See you in church! – PASTOR Hammersten