Special Events

Questions? Contact Carol Throntveit at carolt@mtolivet.org or 612.767.2246



Martin Luther on Trial  Play & Discussion

Sun, 11/12, 2-5pm, Pantages Theatre, Mpls

In this new original play, Luther's beloved wife Katarina defends him as witnesses including Sigmund Freud, Rabbi Josel, St Paul, and Pope Francis take the stand--and the prosecutor is the Devil. Even as 2017 marks 500 years since Luther ignited the Protestant Reformation, he continues to spark intense debate. You be the judge in this witty, provocative exploration of one of history's most explosive personalities and the religious and political controversies he unleashed.

The play starts at 2pm, with a discussion facilitated by Pastor Lose following the performance.  Cost: $55 (cash or check).
Reserve your tickets by calling Carol Throntveit at 612.767.2246 or sending an email to carolt@mtolivet.org.  There is a limited number of tickets available on a first come basis.

Transportation by bus available from Mpls Campus, West Campus, and 7500 York.  Cost: $15
12:30     West Campus, 7500 York buses depart
1:00        Mpls Campus bus departs


Minnesota Orchestra – New Re-formation Symphony

Thu 11/2 at 11am, Fri 11/3 at 8pm, Sat 11/4 at 8pm, Minnesota Orchestra Hall, Mpls

In 1830, Felix Mendelssohn composed Symphony No. 5, commonly called the Reformation Symphony to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Presentation of the Augsburg Confession. In 2017, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Luther posting the 95 Theses on the Wittenberg church door, a new work entitled Re-formation by Sebastian Currier has been commissioned by the Minnesota Orchestra thanks to the generosity of Mount Olivet members Kathy and Charlie Cunningham. Both symphonies will be performed by the Minnesota Orchestra this November.

For information and tickets, go to www.minnesotaorchestra.org

Vision Partner Event: New Re-formation Symphony

Saturday 11/4, 6pm Dinner, 8pm Concert, Orchestra Hall.

Invitations to a special dinner and performance event on Saturday, Nov 4, will be mailed to all current Mount Olivet Vision Partners. To learn how you can become a Vision Partner contact Mari Carlson at 612.821.3150 or mcarlson@mtolivethomes.org.