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December 01
Friday 3:00 PM
Minneapolis: Fellowship Hall- Minneapolis

 "My Whole Life Serves God"

—Martin Luther

It seems daunting to commit our whole lives to serving God.  In this Reformation 500 year, let's recognize the ways we already glorify God by serving others, then add a few new activities to share God's blessings in our corner of the world. Our hope is every Mount Olivet household will complete 95 Acts of Service before the October 2017 anniversary of Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses. Whether you engage in simple acts of kindness or service projects that reach around the world, discover how serving others can lead to God’s grace that changes everything. 


Suggested Activities

To help you get started, here's a list of suggestions—things you can do at church, in the community, around your neighborhood, or at home.  

Click here for the 95 Acts of Service list! 


Share Your Stories

Whatever acts of service you engage in, we’d love to hear your stories, see your pictures, and learn how – through these acts of service – you see grace changing everything. 

  • Share a post and/or a picture on your favorite social media account with the hashtag #MO95Acts—we will pull and post your experiences on our 95 Acts of Service display case outside the MPLS Library and in the monthly Messenger.  
  • Email Jenny Nellis at or 612.767.2247 and let our Community Concern team know what you are enjoying about the 95 Acts of Service challenge.  Notes and pictures can also be mailed to Mount Olivet, attn: Jenny Nellis/95 Acts.