95 Acts of Service

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 "My Whole Life Serves God"
—Martin Luther

It seems daunting to commit our whole lives to serving God.  In this Reformation 500 year, let's recognize the ways we already glorify God by serving others, then add a few new activities to share God's blessings in our corner of the world. Our hope is every Mount Olivet household will complete 95 Acts of Service before the October 2017 anniversary of Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses. Whether you engage in simple acts of kindness or service projects that reach around the world, discover how serving others can lead to God’s grace that changes everything. 

Let's serve God with our whole lives, our whole lives long.  

9.5 years and working towards 95 Acts of Service

Cole Hinkie
 sang in the Hosanna Choir last year.  "I love that I can give back to God with something that God gave me: my voice. " 

Reese Jorgensen volunteered along with her family at the Sheridan Story packing event.   "I like serving others because I help other people in the world.  It makes me feel happy because I am giving people that don't have as much more.  God wants us to help other people because we should care for others, even if we don't know them."


Joe Becker
and his family also helped at the Sheridan Story packing event.  "I like to help people because it's fun, and it brings them joy. God loves it when we help other people." 

Margo Nielsen--along with her siblings and friends, did random acts of kindness like weeding the yard of a neighbor undergoing cancer treatments.  "I liked weeding for her because she is so nice and she needed our help. It was easy and fun really.  Helping makes me feel good.  Awesomely good."


95+ years and working towards 95 Acts of Service

Lillian Peterson, Art Parker, and Ruth Wilson are all 95+ years of age and still going strong as they serve on the board of our Young in Heart ministry.

Eva Johnson has served in a variety of ways over the years.  “Volunteer work is the best thing in the world to help me keep moving physically and mentally.  Greeting at church, driving people to Young in Heart luncheons, and helping out at Careview has helped me meet so many wonderful people.  I get more out of serving others than I give!”

Orv Larson is a few years shy of 95, but we are giving him bonus points for his delicious caramels and the other baked goods he shares with the Pastoral Care team and Mount Olivet staff.  Among other volunteer roles, Orv is a dining room coordinator who helps set up tables for special events.  When word got out that he was thinking of retiring from this kind of service, his co-volunteers proclaimed, "You're not going to quit on us!"  He enjoys helping out at Mount Olivet, his "second home," and helping others, many of whom have been a help to him.

Somewhere in the middle

Mary Jane James
is a dedicated member of the Senior Choir at the Mpls Campus.  She also is incredibly generous with her time behind the scenes, creating countless floral arrangements and centerpieces for MOCW events, funerals, New Member dinners, and the like.  When people ask how she creates such beautiful arrangements, she claims she doesn't really know.  But she has begun to see that God  knows and is working through her hands and eyes.  "God is totally in charge!" she reports.  

Mary Jane has been a lifelong volunteer, dating back to her days as a young girl typing bulletins and learning how to play the organ when her father started a church.  Why does she volunteer so much?  "I like people.  I like solutions and fixing things.  Helping out when someone can't do something is how I share my faith."

This year has been special in terms of serving Mount Olivet and her community.  "The 95 Acts of Service brochure is so great.  When I first looked at it I saw that I already do 45 things on the list of service ideas!  It was like a pat on the back. And [during this challenge] I have realized that seemingly small things, like listening to a person who is sad and wiping each other's tears, or being patient with my own impatience, is an important way to share God's grace."


Share Your Stories

Whatever acts of service you engage in, we’d love to hear your stories, see your pictures, and learn how – through these acts of service – you see grace changing everything. 

  • Share a post and/or a picture on your favorite social media account with the hashtag #MO95Acts—we will pull and post your experiences on our 95 Acts of Service display case outside the MPLS Library and in the monthly Messenger.  
  • Email Jenny Nellis at jnellis@mtolivet.org or 612.767.2247 and let our Community Concern team know what you are enjoying about the 95 Acts of Service challenge.  Notes and pictures can also be mailed to Mount Olivet, attn: Jenny Nellis/95 Acts.