Thank you so much to our many volunteers that distributed food bags at Green Central this year! Your time and dedication to this program does not go unnoticed. Stay tuned for the sign-up for 2017-2018 school year. 

Over 200,000 children in the state of Minnesota live in food insecurity and do not always know if they will receive their next meal. The Sheridan Story’s purpose is to respond to this need by closing the weekend food gap between Friday and Monday, when children are not able to participate in the free or reduced meal programs at school. 

Mt. Olivet has partnered with Shir Tikvah Temple to help provide food to Richard Green Central Elementary School.  1-2 Volunteers from both Mt. Olivet and Shir Tikvah will be present to help distribute the food bags at Green Central on Fridays, sponsoring 90 children.

Please sign up for as many days as you are able by clicking HERE.