It’s easy to lose touch when you’re away at college or
working. We get it! Below are easy ways you can get
back into being involved at Mount Olivet .

Grab a friend to co-lead one of the Sunday School or confirmation, sing in the Senior Choir, or give of your time to people with disabilities of Thursday or Mount Olivet Friends. You decide! Also, don’t forget to“like” the YAM Facebook.  

Looking for a place to join in? Have general questions? Email Pastor Helgen

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Registration coming soon!


To get involved, contact:
Sunday School: Josh Nelson or Tasha Holifield
Confirmation: Angie St. Dennis (Mpls), Zach Spirov (West)
House GroupsChase Claflin
Thursday and Mount Olivet Friends: Lindsay Yount
Senior Choir: Beverly Claflin
Thanksgiving Early Dinner: Katie Shepherd
MOHA Garage Sale: Jenny Nellis
Hi-er League at COP: Pastor Hammersten
Service Projects/Community Concern: Jenny Nellis or Katie Marxhausen