Mount Olivet Motorheads are people who love engines and the Lord.
Our mission is to enhance believing, belonging, and becoming by providing spiritual
and social opportunities and by encouraging seekers to connect with
Mount Olivet, so they can come to know the good news of Jesus Christ
who cares about every aspect of our lives – even our love for engines!
There are four Motorheads events throughout the year...

Motorheads Winter Event, 3rd Tuesday in February
Motorheads @ Mtka Drive-In, 1st Tuesday in June
Motorheads Show / Blessing of Vehicles & Drivers, 3rd Sunday in August
Motorheads Fall Road Tour, 1st Sunday in October

 Please send your email address to to have your name added to the Motorheads database for notification of upcoming Motorheads events.

Current Event:

11th Annual Winter Event at Warren Herreid's Garage Complex
Tuesday, February 12, 2019
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Photos from Motorheads Events:

MH11.jpg MH22.jpg MH33.jpg MH44.jpg MH55.jpg MH66.jpg Kalland for slide show.jpg garage for website.jpg MH group shot for slide show.jpg motorheads1(2).jpg sculputre for website.jpg motorheads2(2).jpg Fall 2016 2.jpg Fall 2016(2).jpg Motorheads 2-2017(2).jpg pic 1.jpg pic 2.jpg pic 3.jpg pic 4.jpg pic 5.jpg pic 6.jpg pic 7.jpg MH11.jpg