Workshop Sessions

    (you will attend 2)


    Building Your Killer LinkedIn Profile

    Hear about (and apply) best practices for designing your LinkedIn profile, and discuss real life examples for how to effectively use LinkedIn for expand your professional network or job search. Prior to attending the session please make sure to have set up a Linked In account online at

    Presenters: Tony Ennis, Anna Grossbach & Chris Rofidal

    Are You Heading for Interview Heaven or Hell?

    Learn the absolute dos and don'ts of interviewing, plus develop three brief but powerful stories that communicate your unique strengths and experience in a memorable way during interviews.

    Presenter: Karen Tangen

    Promote Yourself: Stand out on the job or in a job search

    Christian humility and business-savvy promotion can coexist. Explore tactful yet powerful ways to stand out, bring attention to what you do well, and grow your career.

    Presenter: Dave Knoll

    Would You Recognize Your Passion If it Bit You in the Butt?

    Finding your passion isn’t a destination, but a journey. It’s not arriving at a magic place where purpose and profession neatly align, but letting your God-given talents inspire and fulfill you along the way. Learn pragmatic ways to follow your passion – whether it’s a full-time gig or a collection of interests.

    Presenters: Dave Kornecki & Jan Unstad


    Optional Opportunities


    Stay current in you online presence with a professional headshot by Hannah Robie-Dorow of Depict Photography.

    Resume Review

    Get feedback on your resume during a 15-minute, one-on-one conference with a Career & Calling coach.  You will come away with ideas for further developing and refining your resume based on your career objective.

    Career & Calling Workshop Registration

    Join us for a morning that will boost your professional energy and expand your career network.  The Career & Calling Workshop provides opportunities to explore your God-given strengths to guide your work and benefit your corner of the world. 

    Build your professional skills in two 50-minute workshops of your choosing.
    >  Are You Heading for Interview Heaven or Hell?
    >  Building Your Killer LinkedIn Profile
    >  Promote Yourself: Stand out on the job or in a job search
    >  Would You Recognize Your Passion If It Bit You in the Butt?

    Network with Mount Olivet and community members through fun, low-stress networking drills.

    Enjoy great food, encouraging people, and an inspiring community.

    Optional opportunities: get an updated headshot and/or individualized résumé coaching

    Cost: $35 (includes lunch, workshop programs, and optional opportunities).*  

    *We don’t want cost to keep anyone away. If money is a barrier, contact Josh Nelson at 612.767.2284

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