2017 Lent

Lent is a season when we take stock of our relationship with God, consider where we have turned away from our Lord or how we have been distracted from spending time with our Creator, Savior, and Counselor.  This is not an exercise to shame ourselves, but a preparation for repentance and rebirth through the grace of Christ Jesus.

God gave us the Ten Commandments as a tool for this process of faithful reflection and renewal. As guidelines for godly living, they reveal our sin, teach discipleship, and show us the nature of God.  Certainly, we fall short of obeying the Commandments every day.  But by Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection from the dead, we can see the Commandments as a means of grace. Sin is not the end of our story.  Forgiveness invites us into eternal life with God.

And so the law is not bondage, but life-giving instruction for glorifying God and sharing Jesus’s love with the world. Our inability to fulfill the law does not condemn us; as long as we believe in Christ we are free. We don’t have to perfectly execute the law to save ourselves. We get to imperfectly follow the Commandments in loving response to our Savior who fulfilled the law for our sake. Through the lens of the cross, we see that Christ Jesus invites us to delight in God’s ways, to discover the life-giving grace of God’s commandments.

We hope you will accept Jesus’ invitation – and ours – to come delight in God’s ways as we explore the Ten Commandments and Martin Luther’s explanation of them at our Midweek Lenten Services.

Ash Wednesday 3/1. “Remember from dust you have come to dust you shall return.” Scripture: Joel 2:12-14. Sermon: The Gracious Welcome of the Lord. The imposition of ashes will be offered at all Ash Wednesday services (except youth-led services) as a sign of our mortality and of our total dependence on God. Holy Communion is then given as the promise of eternal life.


Ash Wednesday- March 1st

Services of Holy Communion

Minneapolis Campus:
8 & 10am, 12,  2, 4 & 6pm- Holy Communion
7:30pm- Youth-led communion service

West Campus:
6pm- Holy Communion
7:30pm Youth-led communion service

Imposition of ashes available at all services except for youth-led services

 “Remember from dust you have come and to dust you shall return” – a reminder of our mortality and of our need for God. The imposition of ashes available at all services except for the youth-led services.