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Mount Olivet Church Office Phones:

Minneapolis Campus: 612.926.7651

West Campus: 952.767.1500

Mount Olivet Staff Directory

Staff Person/email Job Title Phone
 Geoff Arenson  Junior High Youth Coordinator 612.767.2212
 Cindy Bergstrom  Director of Cherub Choir - Mpls 612.767.2305
 Andrea Brown  Pastoral Care 612.767.2209
Jonna Bundul Funeral Coordinator; Administrative Assistant and Pastoral Care 612.767.2257
Lisa Bue HR/Employee Benefits Coordinator 612.767.2249
 Mari Carlson  Development Director 612.821.3150
 Marnie Carlson  Senior High Youth Coordinator 612.767.2213
 Beverly Claflin  Director of Music, Director of Cathedral and Senior Choirs - Mpls 612.767.2263
Nancy Coates  Parish Nurse (Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays)  612.767.2208
 Sandy Connell

 Parish Nurse (Mpls on Tuesdays)
 Parish Nurse (West on Mondays)


Gina DeNucci  Jr. High Youth Coordinator- Mpls 612.767.2211
 Shannon Dorschner  Director of Cherub and Alleluia Choirs - West  
Christina Donovan Finance Office Asst. 612.767.2355
 Jerry Elsbernd  Director of Senior Choir - West 952.767.1535
Jackie Enestvedt Marketing Communications Coordinator 612.767.2203
 Kris Ericksen  Cathedral of the Pines Camp Coordinator 612.767.2207
 Vicki Franzen  Group Counseling Facilitator 612.927.7335
 Kris Fruetel  Administrative Assistant to Tom MacNally 612.767.2260
Julie Goodman Morning Receptionist 612.926.7651
 Linda Healy  Preschool Director 612.767.2216
John Henrich Licensed Psychologist- M.Div, PsyD, LP 612.927.7335
 Ben Henschel  Director of Chancel and Cathedral Choirs - West  
 Shannon Himango

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Carol James

Executive Director, Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center

 Amanda Jenkins  Assistant to Music Ministry;  Director of Chancel Choir - Mpls 612.767.2277
 Gayle Jenni  Administrative Assistant to Pastor Cornils and Education 612.767.2247
 Billy Johnson  Youth Ministry Team Lead 612.767.2214
 Carlene Johnson  Executive Administrative Assistant to Pastor Hogenson 612.767.2252
Kristine Johnson Membership 612.767.2253
 Sarah Kleppe  Children's and Family Team Lead 612.767.2245
 Ann LaBree  Pastoral Care 612.767.2288
Jeff Larson  Senior High Youth Coordinator - West 952.767.1581
Tricia Lerohl Finance Office Asst. 612.767.2229
 Anne Lied  Office Manager 612.927.7335
 Mary Lindberg  Shepherding; Baptisms; Admin. Assistant to Pastors Kalland & Bakken 612.767.2267
 Tom MacNally  Chief Operating Officer 612.767.2231
 Rebecca Mason  School of Music 612.767.2262
Diane Matthews Business Administrator, West 952.767.1501
Heather Melsness  Children and Family - Mpls  612.767.2285
Dane Moore Senior High Youth Coordinator 612.767.2279
 Nancy Nash  Business Administrator 612.767.2275
 Carol Nault  Evangelism Coordinator 612.767.2204
 Justin Nellis  Director of Hosanna and Chapel Choirs - West  
 Amy Nelson  Pledge Records, Simply Giving 612.767.2255
 Deanne Nelson  Controller 612.767.2280
 Nancy Nelson

 Wedding/Altar Guild Coordinator


Liz Otteson Adult Ministry 612.767.2238
Richard Owen Principal Organist 612.926.7651
Amy Porthan  Nursery Coordinator- Mpls 612.926.7651
 Hillary Patz  Nursery Coordinator - West 952.443.0031
 Leah Reddy  Director of Alleluia Choir - Mpls 612.767.2332
Julie Reece Youth Staff Assistant 612.767.2237

Colleen Roess

Director of Cherub Choir - Mpls/ Musikgarten

 Nicole Schnell  Director of Communications 612.767.2240
 Eileen Scott
Linton Scott
 Home Economist
Community Outreach
 Elaine Sergeant  Director of Hosanna and Chapel Choirs, Joyful Noise! - Mpls 612.767.2307
 Lynelle Shannon  Assistant to Treasurer 612.767.2228
 Dean Sheller  Facilities Operations Manager - West 952.767.1500
Katie Shepherd Community Concern 612.767.2256
Zach Spirov Youth, West Campus 952.767.1583
 Angie St. Dennis  Youth, Confirmation- Mpls 612.767.2244
 Katie Stevenson  Director of Stewardship 612.767.2232
 Carol Throntveit  Adult Ministry Team Lead 612.767.2246
 Michele Urabe  Librarian 612.767.2268
 Gayle Vaughan  Individual and Couples Therapist 612.927.7335
 Don Wamsley  Facilities Operations Manager - Mpls 612.767.2218
 Holly Widen  Director of Handbell Choirs - Mpls 612.920.6566
 Gary Wilkerson  Director of Counseling Office 612.927.7335
 Kraig Windschitl  Principal Organist 612.805.0321
 Kristi Youngdahl  Cathedral of Pines Director 612.767.2215
 Helen Cameron-Zenobian  Youth,Confirmation- West 952.767.1503