Counseling Services

Mount Olivet Counseling Service is a ministry of:

  • Healing: anxiety, depression, guilt, anger and pain;
  • Supporting: through difficult times and circumstances;
  • Guiding: thorough decisions and choices, looking at options, alternatives and possibilities;
  • Reconciling: of the self to the self, to God and to others.

Mount Olivet is one of comparatively few churches in America which provide professional counseling services to deal with the tensions, pressures, changing attitudes, and stresses of today's living. Our services help people work through their problems through the use of counseling, psychotherapy and/or medication in a Christian setting.  Our therapists include, a Clinical psychologist, three Marriage and Family Therapists, who specialize in children and adolescents, couples and families, and a variety of group therapies, and a Pastoral Counselor.  We also have a consulting Psychiatrist and a Medical Internist who provide medication management and assessment.
All counseling is confidential as defined by law.
Fees for Members of Mount Olivet are $25.00 per session for counseling services, psychiatric and prescriptive medications sessions. For Non-Members the fees are $75.00 per session.  Group fees: Members $10.00 per session and Non-Members $20.00 per session.
Mount Olivet's counseling ministry is not only to assist in problem solving, but to build a preventive program for personal, family, or marital problems and to offer the assurance of sustaining helpfulness in the family of God.

To make an appointment, contact the Counseling Office by Email or 612.927.7335. The office is located at 1804 West 50th Street, across from the northeast corner of the church parking lot.

Group Counseling is also available at the Group Counseling Center, 1804 West 50th Street.  Children, Adolescent and Family Counseling meets at 5000 Logan Avenue South, across from the northwest corner of the church parking lot. Please call 612.927.7335 for information.

We are imperfect beings living in a complex world. Stress, tension and change add to the complexity. It takes courage and maturity to acknowledge a problem and do something about it. Most problems can be resolved if we are willing to work on them. Our professional staff is available to work with you.

Dr. Gary Wilkerson, Ph D, M Div     Director
Dr. John Henrich, M. Div., PsyD, LP    Psychologist
Vicki Franzen, MA, LMFT   Therapist, Group Facilitator

Shannon Himango, MA, LMFT    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Gayle Vaughan, MA, LSC, LMFT   Therapist

Anne Lied    Office Manager
Dr. Ron Groat    Psychiatrist
Dr. Fritz Ferris    Internal Medicine