Hi! My name is Chase Claflin and I am one of the new senior high youth coordinators. Growing up in an active church family, I spent a lot of time at Mount Olivet and Cathedral of the Pines Camp. Choir, Hi-League, and Cathedral of the Pines played an incredibly important role in my life, but since my mother was the choir director, my reason for going was primarily out of habit instead of always an immense desire. After I graduated from high school and left for college, I finally was able to see how formative my years with Mount Olivet had been, and I knew that I wanted to help provide that experience for others.

I have spent my last four summers on the Cathedral of the Pines staff, and this has provided me with many strong relationships with the young people of our church. While I have loved my time at Cathedral of the Pines, I have always struggled with the inability to maintain those strong connections over the school year. I am excited that this new position will allow me to expand upon those relationships with our Hi-Leaguers and help develop new ones.
High school is not the easiest time in our lives, but Mount Olivet is a rock in an oftentimes unsteady world. It is so important to have a place where you can find comfort and peace amidst the busyness of our schedules. Mount Olivet provides a space to be open with one another, to find hope in our vulnerabilities, and to learn how to be the people that God wants us to be.

In our world today, the church has an incredible opportunity to guide young people at very critical times in their lives. I am a firm believer in viewing faith as a practice. Faith is not something you obtain or master, but rather an ideal that your pursue. It encourages you to grow, challenge, and question. While Mount Olivet provides the space for this opportunity, it is the young people of our church that show us how to act out our faith, and that is why I am so excited to be in this position. Faith is not purely what you think, but also how those beliefs influence your actions. By encouraging Christ-like values such as love, kindness, and acceptance, Mount Olivet has the ability to impact such a large population, and I am both proud and humbled by the opportunity to be a part of that effort.


Hi, my name is Tierra Davis and I am the new junior high youth coordinator at the Minneapolis Campus. I am a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Minnesota and will complete my degree with a major in biology, society, and environment and a minor in public health. Last fall I had the opportunity to study abroad in Thailand and further my passion for public health in a more global setting. While there I studied the Thai language and culture, lived with a host family, and worked on a maternal health research grant, which focused on the rural village hospital that I lived and worked with. While challenging, it was a life-changing experience that continues to impact my approach to life and my relationship with God.

I enjoy running, rollerblading, hiking, camping, getting together with my family for Sunday night dinners, and being involved in my community in any way possible – something I learned from my original involvement in church. I grew up going to Mount Olivet Sunday School and Cathedral of the Pines Camp, singing in choir and then teaching Sunday School later on. I’ve been part of the Cathedral of the Pines staff for the past three summers. My role on staff changed every year – from working on the inside crew, to being Mrs. Fun and, most recently, to working as Kristi Youngdahl’s assistant. It was through my continued involvement with church, and especially during those summers on staff, that my passion for youth ministry truly began.

Throughout college I had searched for something that gave me purpose – something that reminded me of who I was and allowed me to help others. This is what my role on camp staff did for me. There, I was able to interact and form meaningful relationships with children of all ages that were based on a foundation of faith.
I was able to not only see the difference that I could make for others, but also notice the impacts that those around me had on my own identity and relationship with God.

I am so excited for this opportunity to continue my involvement with Mount Olivet and I look forward to all that this new position will offer. I cannot wait to create and strengthen my relationships with the junior high students and to continue to work with and learn from them as we move forward in our faith and our relationships with God together.