Thank you to all who have made your 2018 pledge to Mount Olivet. Your pledges support the ministries for this upcoming year and are appreciated immensely. If you haven’t yet pledged, please do so today. The pledges you make, the offerings you give – make possible all we do inside our congregation and across the communities we serve. It is not too late to pledge and your decision to do so – or not – is simply crucial, as they are determinative of the quality and caliber of the programs and opportunities we can offer. Thank you for your intentional, prayerful decisions about your financial support.

PS: You may pledge online at, at church, or by contacting Tricia Lerohl in our Finance office 612.767.2255 Thank you!


Above & Beyond 95 Acts of Service

I live in grace. My whole life serves God. Because I please God by grace alone … whatever I do and give testifies I have received mercy and comfort. Dr. Martin Luther

    Mount Olivet always has been a servant church, highlighting Jesus’ call to love and serve our neighbors. This past year, as part of our Reformation 500 programming, we emphasized servanthood as important part of an active, vibrant faith with our 95 Acts of Service challenge. And you responded enthusiastically and generously! Thank you for glorifying God’s gift of grace by building up your brothers and sisters in Christ, just as Martin Luther advocated 500 years ago.
    How do Mount Olivet members serve God and their neighbors? Let us count (just a few of) the 95 ways ... 95+ families received dinners packed and delivered by 36 volunteers at the Love, Inc. packing event in December • Well over 95,000 meals packed for Feed My Starving Children by 485 volunteers in January • 95 volunteers distributed Easter Angel Gift Baskets to 150 families in April • 95+ volunteers organized and staffed the MOHA Garage Sale in  May • 1,950 weekend meals distributed to Richard Green Central Elementary students throughout the year with help from 52 Sheridan Story volunteers • 95+ Simpson Housing clients served each month, thanks to 135 volunteers ...
    We invite you to wrap up this year of 95 Acts of Service by dedicating a few extra moments in service this month.