Christ’s Love and Grace is for Everyone


Did you know that people in Jesus’ day accused him of many things … Jesus did not live up to their expectations. They expected a ruler – a king – to free the people. The religious leaders were threatened by his popularity. Someone once told me that if I have an expectation, I’m setting myself up for a resentment. “You are not doing what I want you to do for me … I expected this or that … and you are supposed to know all this before I even articulate it.”

In Mark 3:20-21, the people were accusing Jesus of “being out of his mind.” His family was involved in trying to retrain him.

During October, we do not just focus on the Reformation. We also pause to be mindful of people who suffer from mental illnesses. We continue to make progress in how we view mental health.  Mental Illness Awareness Week is October 1-7, 2017.   Mental illness is a disease, not a moral weakness and willpower is not enough.  Due to education and willingness to learn, the negative attitudes, name calling,  and stigma associated with mental health issues have reduced. There is a growing acceptance and understanding of mental health issues and support for people
with them. 

As we continue to reform, let us be ever mindful that Christ’s love and grace is for everyone. – PASTOR Kalland