“Never walk past anybody. Always look people in the eye and acknowledge their existence.”

Whether you are older and remember being a part of Arnie’s Army or you are younger and you enjoy the lemonade-iced tea drink he made famous, we all remember Arnold Palmer. Arnold Palmer has always been a sports figure I have looked up to. While I write this article I am thinking about my all-time favorite sports event that happens each year in April, The Masters! I love watching the Masters Golf Tournament so much that I actually use a vacation day so I can catch all of the coverage! Arnold Palmer won that tournament four times and in the 1960s really helped in making golf the sport it is today. For as great as he was for the sport, I have looked up to him for a different reason – the life lessons he taught all of us. He tried his hardest to live his life by the simple lesson Jesus taught us, which is to treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Arnold Palmer’s lesson of never walking past anybody. In the fast pace of life it can become so easy to go from one time commitment to the next without really ever slowing down to give others we meet the love and respect each of us needs and wants. Everyone has a story and a desire to feel like they matter. In the end, I think what sticks with most of us and what we remember is the way in which someone makes us feel (or doesn’t make us feel). We should try our hardest to ask ourselves the question, “Does this person feel better about who they are after having met me?”

Above all, the teacher that is most important to me is Jesus.  Jesus is the shoulder we can cry on in scary times, and also the person we can celebrate with in the happy times. Jesus led a life of love and compassion, he was someone that never walked past anybody. During his life he went out of his way to acknowledge and love the broken and the lost, when no one else would. He wasn’t afraid to be seen with certain people even though others might think less of him. The lessons of love and compassion we learn from those we look up to, and especially Jesus, is what is needed in what can sometimes seem like a very superficial world. It is true that none of us can come close to the person Jesus was – not even Arnold Palmer – but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Jesus empowers me and I know all of us to continually strive to be good people, even though we may fall short most of the time. – Geoff Arenson


Get Involved

My name is Logan Cummings and I am currently a junior in high school. I have been volunteering through Mount Olivet since I workstaffed at Cathedral of the Pines two summers ago, which includes general help to keep the camp running. I enjoyed my experience thoroughly, and one of the reasons for this was the people involved. Because of the people I was with, I always had fun, even when doing menial or difficult chores. I enjoyed the people so much that I decided to sign up for choir so I could be around similar people more. Since then, I have counseled a wonderful group of 6th-graders at Cathedral of the Pines, and counseled at the 7th-grade Confirmation retreats. I have learned countless valuable things through the people I have been around, and been fortunate enough to have countless great role models in my path through high school. People like the youth staff and the outside guys up at camp have been truly inspiring to work with, and have had a monumental impact on my development into adulthood. Even more significant is the time I have spent around children. The wisdom and honesty naturally possessed by youth are often overlooked and can be instrumental in learning about life, happiness, and existence. They have truly inspired me to be the best person I can be, and although it is usually my job to teach them, I often feel as if I am the one that learns the most from the experience. I would strongly suggest that anyone who can gets involved through Mount Olivet, especially with kids. It will have an amazing impact on your life. – Logan Cummings

I believe my real faith life started at the beginning of 7th-grade Confirmation. This is when I really started coming to church and enjoying my time being here every week. As a 7th-grader, I started being an acolyte and doing small service projects through Mount Olivet. As I have grown older, I have been a workstaffer and counselor at Cathedral of the Pines Camp, assisted at junior high retreats, and also joined both choir and Circle of Friends. I enjoy giving my time to Mount Olivet mainly because of the people. I always leave church feeling really happy. The people at Mount Olivet have greatly impacted my life in so many ways. I think volunteering has impacted my faith life because of the people as well. Surrounding myself with people of the same faith as me is something not a lot of high school students have access to. The fact that I can pray and learn more about God with my best friends is pretty cool. I would encourage others to find ways of volunteering at Mount Olivet because you can meet so many new people and it opens doors in your life. I have met some of my closest friends through Cathedral of the Pines, Cathedral choir, and Circle of Friends. Being involved at Mount Olivet is so great because there are people from all over the Twin Cities. There are so many opportunities at Mount Olivet and it has made such a difference in my life. – Molly Dolan