Call Committee Update

The call committee is in the process of reviewing the list of candidates to recommend for Mount Olivet’s next senior pastor. To ensure a robust list of potential candidates, the call committee has reached out to the congregation and a nationwide network of leaders for recommendations of people believed to have the aptitude and skills required of this position. “It is a complex process,” explained John Kapanke. “We have to consider that most people interested in this position and worthy of interviewing are currently serving in a large leadership capacity and therefore confidentiality is of the utmost importance.” The call committee will review potential candidates’ names against the requirements of the position to narrow down the pool. The committee then will begin the process of contacting the appropriate parties to garner interest and create a short list of interested candidates. Once the short list has been determined, the interview process will commence. “From a timing perspective, it is hard to say,” said Kapanke, “but I can tell you we feel good about the list that has been generated and we will be meeting nearly weekly for the next several months.”

Regarding the candidate list, call committee member Debra Page said, “I am encouraged by the many wonderful candidates who are preaching God’s word in the ELCA.”

“It is truly a pleasure to serve with the members of this committee,” added David Kroog. “We would also like to extend our appreciation to the entire congregation for their continued support and prayers.”

In accordance with our constitution, the senior pastor of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church must be an ordained and rostered in the ELCA. As of September 15, 2015, there were 16,435 ordained clergy in the ELCA.