Connected to Mount Olivet from 1,191 Miles Away

Hello, my name is Karmen and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Even from 1,191 miles away, I still love Mount Olivet. I started going to church the summer before seventh grade, and ever since then I have been involved at Mount Olivet. When I still was living in Minnesota I participated in Chancel Choir, Bells, Confirmation, and went to Cathedral of the Pines Camp every summer. When I started attending church more frequently I found some of the best and most reliable friends that I have. To this day I am closer with my Mount Olivet church friends in Minnesota than many of my other friends. These were friends who shared a love for God and church with me, and helped to strengthen my faith life. It was people like Geoff Arenson and Gina DeNucci, who committed to being at church every week, that made it a fun and spiritually enriching experience. When I found out I was going to move in August of 2013, I was fearful of losing a lot of things, but most specifically my connections to Mount Olivet. Church had become so important in my life and I didn’t know what would happen by putting 1,191 miles between me and Mount Olivet. I figured I would be losing friends, role models, and God in my life; but that has been far from true. In fact, I have remained actively involved in church and even found new ways to participate. Since moving, I have spoken at the youth-led Ash Wednesday Service, been Confirmed, gone to Cathedral of the Pines Camp every summer, sung in the Cathedral Choir on Christmas Eve, and have been a counselor at multiple Junior High Alive! retreats. Without Mount Olivet, I would not be the person I am today; and I am forever grateful for this church for all it has taught me. – Karmen Vizcaino


Junior High Alive:
Spring Break Day Away

(7th-8th Gr) Th 3/30 11:30am-4pm Bus from Mpls & West.
Join your junior high youth staff for a fun day during your Spring Break! We will be going to the Minnesota Zoo and then to get ice cream! $25


Junior High Alive: Dinner & Living Lord’s Supper

(7th-8th Gr) Tu 4/11 6-8pm West Center for Faith & Life,
Th 4/13 5-7pm MPLS Youth Center. At both campuses will have reserved seating for a very meaningful re-creation of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. This is an amazingly professional performance with narration that gives you a feel for an historic event in Jesus’ life.  WEST: We will have a pizza party and then attend the 7pm Living Lord’s Supper service. MPLS: We will have Jimmy John’s subs, chips and Yum! chocolate chip cookies and then attend the 6pm Living Lord’s Supper service.