December 24
Monday 10:00 PM
Hi-er League is a group for 18-22 years old, Mount Olivet Classes of '15, '16, '17, and '18. Hi-er League meets through out the year during college breaks. Join us for cookies and late night worship on Sunday, December 24th during your Christmas break. Come see your church friends, bring new friends, and enjoy being back to church. Meet us in the Mpls Lounge at 10pm and then we will go to the 11pm service together.

Join the Hi-er League facebook page to see upcoming events and pictures from past events! ?'s contact anyone on the Hi-er League Board: Zach Spirov, Tasha Holifield, or Noah Shepherd
Minneapolis: Lounge - Minneapolis

Hi-er League

Have you heard about the new group at Mount Olivet called Hi-er League? It’s for young men and women in their first four years out of high school – faithful young people who grew up serving in so many ways with energy, smiles, and laughter. Often, however, once they graduated, they weren’t sure exactly where they fit in anymore, and so ended up drifting away. I remember that exact feeling myself, coming home from Gustavus freshman year on that first Thanksgiving, walking through these doors of the church on Sunday morning, and wondering, “Where did all my friends go?” It made me feel kind of lost. And sad, because I always had loved being at church.

Our group began by asking college students what they were looking for in church after graduation and how we could help. The bottom line was this: they didn’t really care what the activity was, they just wanted to stay connected.

And so, one summer night last year, just before everyone headed off to near and far, we had our first gathering for 18- to 22-year-olds. It was a BBQ & Piñata Party. I was so nervous about whether or not they were having fun, and second guessing the Piñata idea, that I ran into the sacristy to pray for the Holy Spirit to be with us. “Please, Dear Lord! We need you NOW!” And when I went to go back outside, I discovered the group gathered up by the altar, the room lit only by candles and the eternal flame. They were just hanging out in a place that they grew up in – totally comfortable in God’s house. Zach from our youth department opened with prayer, then played all the church songs they know by heart. He sat there, quietly strumming his guitar and spontaneously sharing wisdom from his own experience of leaving home and going away to college. Soon others were sharing their advice with the 18-year-olds, too. They spoke about faith, friends, peer pressure, and choices that come with going off to school. It was such a heart-felt conversation that I just hid around the corner so as not to ruin the moment, Filled with goose bumps and choking back tears knowing that God was in the house.

Since then, we have gathered over school breaks in person for Bon Voyage Bonfires, Pizza & Hoops, Candlelit Worship Services, and BOGO Burritos at Chipotle. Online, we connect with people right where they are. We post devotionals and send bits of Mount Olivet love to support them during a time of their lives filled with temptation and change. They know we are here for them, and now they are reaching back to us, privately, when they need someone to talk to confidentially, about life. This past weekend, as I sat watching the hockey tournament, each time I saw a Mount Olivet young adult on TV, I IM’d them on Facebook saying, “Hi! Pastor Monica here! I just saw you on TV!” And they IM’d back, “Cool! Awesome!” with lots of hearts and smiley faces. This is “church” reaching young adults where they’re at.

The greatest affirmation that we are hanging on to the future leaders of our congregation came when we posted an invitation to our first-ever Hi-er League COP weekend. I was hoping and praying that we’d reach 100 or maybe even 200 college kids with that post. When my weekly

Facebook report came back, it showed that 1,512 people connected to their church that week. 1,512!

That weekend reunion at camp was the highlight of our summer, and undoubtedly the most Holy Spirit-filled weekend I’ve ever experienced at COP. From the moment they all hopped off the bus, pillows in hand just like they’d been doing since they were in 3rd grade – and walked into the chapel, we just knew that this is what God wanted. Following everything that goes on that first year in college, they returned to that candle-lit chapel on the lake and opened to Kristi Youngdahl leading us, just like her father and grandfather had before her, in singing, “Sing when the day is bright, sing thru the darkest night.” In that moment, we all understood exactly who we were and always would be – beloved,forgiven, children of God. Mount Olivet Class of 2015! We welcome you as our newest members of Hi-er League! Please join the classes of ’14, ’13 and ’12 at our annual summer BBQ (info below). For more information on upcoming Hi-er League events, check out Hi-er League on Facebook or email me.