Call Committee Update

Call Committee (L-R): Nate Slinde, Debra Page, Doris Buerkle, Deb Kind, John Kapanke, Gary Wert.
Not Pictured Dave Kroog

The senior pastor call committee continues to meet regularly and at the time of this printing was in the process of reviewing candidate names. Each name is carefully, prayerfully, and confidentially vetted through research by the call committee. Once the list is affirmed by the committee, interviews will commence. Prior to interviewing a candidate, the call committee puts forth considerable effort and work, listening to sermons, researching references, and visiting congregations.

"We recognized the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout this process," said committee member Nate Slinde. "The candidates go through their own discernment process, and just as the Holy Spirit is at work in them, we pray the Holy Spirit will continue to guide us."

"We remain grateful for the continued thoughts and prayers of the congregation," said committee member Gary Wert.