Lessons from Cathedral of the Pines

At the end of each camper week, the COP staff often hears the question, “How can I bring the way I feel at camp back home with me?” Here are two of the many lessons from Cathedral of the Pines that you can take home with you and practice daily:

Be kind to one another. Camp Director Kristi Youngdahl relays this extremely valuable lesson after each meal at Cathedral of the Pines. It is such a simple message to hear but it often gets forgotten in our day to day lives. Camp is about being inclusive and accepting of everyone, which allows everybody to shine and feel better about themselves. It guides people out of their comfort zone and helps them reach new potential. Whether it’s cheering on a teammate at softball or giving a compliment to a cabin mate – camp teaches us to be kind to one another.

Take time to slow down and reflect on one’s day and beliefs. In addition to having chapel twice a day, each night Cathedral of the Pines campers settle down in their cabins with their counselors and have a devotion. It is a time to check-in, reflect, and grow in faith together as a cabin. It is always amazing to witness the change in devotions from the first night of camp to the last. Throughout the week everyone becomes more comfortable sharing their thoughts, having a deeper conversation, and opening up about things that matter to them. Devotions greatly strengthen the relationships between cabin mates and build a bond of faith and trust in one another and in God. Devotions allow people to learn about themselves. In a world where we are constantly being influenced by our surroundings, it is important to take time to slow down and reflect on one’s day and beliefs.