What I Love About COP

Cathedral of the Pines has been a significant part of my life for so many reasons, but something that I cherish most about it is the lasting friendships that I have made. All of my church friends have come from randomly getting paired up in chapel when I was in 5th grade. To this day, I have relationships with my randomly paired cabin mates, and they have introduced me to more friends that keep me coming back to church every week. Knowing that I have made many lifelong friends, I couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences I’ve had at camp, and the spot it will hold in me. – Matt Jelinski


As I began to write about camp I found it hard to put into words the things I love about it. There is no way that just one word can sum up what makes camp great. However, as I thought about it, I realized that no matter what we do at camp it’s the people that make it an amazing place to be! The friendships I have made with people at camp are some of the most important, fun, and most cherished friendships I have. Whether it’s eating meals, playing softball, or during devotions, my friends and the people at camp make camp the best place to be on earth. – Paige Huskey



20 reasons why I love Cathedral of the Pines: (1) All of the friends I’ve made there. (2) The staff (they are phenomenal). (3) No Phones! (4) Seeing Kristi waving as we drive into camp. (5) Chapel & Chapel songs. (6) Building my relationship with God. (7) Stunts. (9) Mail Call during lunch. (10) Brownie Delight. (11) Campers talking about their faith during devotions. (12) Being able to be myself around anyone. (13) Swimming in Caribou Lake. (14). Hanging in the cabin with friends. (15) Kristi telling us to Be Kind to One Another after every meal. (16) Making an impact on the lives of my campers. (17) Cheers during the softball games. (18) Open prayer during Evening Chapel. (19) Lunch in Caribou Park. (20) Thinking of Camp as my second Home. – Emily Porter


I love Cathedral of the Pines mainly because of the relationships and friendships I have formed. I have made countless friendships since coming to camp before 4th grade. From about 6th grade to 9th grade I typically spent time with the friends I had always hung around with at camp. We were a big group consisting of 12 of us, barely squeezing into two cabins. Last summer, going into 10th grade, I started to open up. I began to interact with and meet people I wouldn’t normally have met. This made camp a tremendous amount better. I love Cathedral of the Pines because of all the friends I have made and the relationships that I have created.
– Kristian Masters


What I Love About Summertime Players!

Summertime Players! is a great program where you form amazing bonds and friendships with people of many ages from church. I love STP! because you can show up without any theater talents, dancing skills, or singing skills, and still be welcomed as a part of an amazing show. There’s a balance of learning about theater and having fun. We work really hard for the first half of the day, then we get a break when we go to beaches or pools, then we work hard for another hour. It makes you feel great when you finally get to perform. It helped me make new friends with similar interests and it’s a no-judgement place where you can be yourself. – Betty LiaBraaten

I first started going to Summertime Players! as a camper when I was in 7th grade. Ever since then I have spent two weeks out of every summer singing, dancing, and helping out in this program. STP! is where I have met some of my closest friends that I get to see the rest of the year in choir, around church, and up at Cathedral of the Pines. I will always be connected with these people through the memories we made and the fun we had in putting together these shows. My friends and I still do the dances whenever we hear one of the songs we learned, laughing at the fact that we remember the entire thing. Even if you can’t sing or dance, Summertime Players! will teach you things and connect you with people that you may not have thought you would ever be friends with. It is a great way to spend a portion of your summer.
– Megan Lewandowski