Why Mount Olivet?

Growing up at Mount Olivet has been a blessing. It has helped form me into the person I am, giving me self confidence that I have carried into my daily life. When I was younger, I was shy and it took me a while to come out of my shell. When I first came to Mount Olivet, I didn’t have many friends due to the fact that I lived so far away in Prior Lake. It was very difficult for me. I felt as though everyone knew each other and I was the outsider. However, after a few weeks I realized people were making an effort to form relationships with me. From this I formed a deeper relationship not only with them, but in my faith as well. I believe the most important thing about Mount Olivet is the accepting community and the common faith we share through Christ Jesus. No matter where I am in life or what I have done, I always know I have a family here that will accept me just the way I am. When I think about my future and going off to college next year, it’s hard to see Mount Olivet not in it.  It’s hard to see myself not in the choir room on Wednesday nights for rehearsal and processing down the aisle on Sunday mornings.  However, I know the fellowship of Mount Olivet will carry me forward as I follow the path God has made for me. – Michelle Iwen

Mount Olivet has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I really enjoyed learning about what it means to follow God through Mount Olivet programs. However, it wasn’t until after being Confirmed that my involvement at church really picked up. Having faith as a commonality between myself and the generous community at this church has been a powerful way to become further connected with people. More importantly, it is through these connections and relationships that my faith has been greatly strengthened and broadened. The overarching positivity, mindfulness, and compassion that is part of the Mount Olivet community is influential to me in ways that are simply beyond words. Furthermore, with the leadership and guidance that is shown here, I’ve learned how to bring those qualities with me to other areas of life as well. God surely uses this wonderful place as a medium for his presence in my life and I am immensely blessed. As a young person whose naive eyes are still opening to the often challenging realities of the world, I find myself overwhelmed when faced with the task of how to conceptualize everything. Going to church – whether it be for choir, a service project, youth event, or worship service – reminds me that love has not and will never flee the world. This reminder comforts me through each of the gracious people here whose communion stands as a clear example of God’s never-ending care and path for us. – Kira Anderson

Mount Olivet has been a place that I have chosen to stay involved at over the years for a multitude of reasons. The main reason is the connections I have established with my peers and mentors. It has proven to be a place where enriching our faith is the biggest concern. Mount Olivet offers many great programs and service projects for its youth to take part in, a few of which have helped shape my typical weekly schedule throughout high school. I have sung in the Cathedral Choir since 9th grade, and all the music we sing serves as a great message of how blessed we are by God’s grace. Circle of Friends is another program I have been involved with since 10th grade. It has been an unforgettable experience participating in Circle of Friends, as I have met some of the most genuine and down-to-earth people I know. Mount Olivet provides us with countless opportunities that center around enhancing our faith and the faith of others. With the new year starting, it is a great time for all to get involved or make church a priority. Given Mount Olivet’s abundance of opportunities, there is surely something that can appeal to everybody. – George Sanda

Over the years, Mount Olivet has been a place I can go and feel welcomed and accepted. I am always greeted by benevolent people when I walk through the doors and can regularly look for the youth leaders for help and direction. The biggest reason I stay involved at Mount Olivet is my friends. I have met many great friends at church, and have built strong bonds since Confirmation. Another reason I have chosen to stay involved is the connection I have created with God. Mount Olivet has helped me remember that God loves me and forgives my sins which sometimes, as humans, we forget. With a busy schedule in high school I have not been able to attend as many church events as I would like to. However, this year I got some more time due to me not playing basketball competitively. I never truly understood the importance of church until this year and I have no idea why. Something kicked in for me this fall, maybe it was a certain person, or a feeling I got, but I realized how vital it is to go to church and build your faith. This had never happened to me before, but I loved it and have been going to twice the amount of events each week as I did before. I hope each of you can try to find your purpose of going to church as soon as possible. Mount Olivet is so important in my life because of its friendly community and powerful meaning. – Nolan Hansen