Looking Back. Looking Forward.

We have loved participating in the Adopt a Grandparent program because it has been great to connect with the residents at the Mount Olivet and Careview Home. Another highlight of the year has been learning new songs in Chancel Choir and being able to perform them! We can’t wait to get back to Church this new year to see our youth leaders, pastors and friends at confirmation. It has been so great being involved in all that Mount Olivet has to offer and learning more about God and our faith. – Lucinda Emmen & Paige Shinall

It has been great being involved in all of the High School activities this year at Mount Olivet. Cathedral Choir and Hi-League on Sunday nights are two of my favorites. I have loved continuing the relationships with my existing church friends and make new ones! I’m looking forward to making my faith a big part of my new year and getting back into the events at activities at church. – Bella Peters

I had a great time at the Chancel Choir Gustavus Retreat this fall. It was fun to see the college kids from Mount Olivet and have them hang out with us there. I am looking forward to the other events that we will have this spring especially the Lockout at the end of the year! – Joey Buckley

I have had a lot of change over the past year but Mount Olivet has been a constant. This year I have met a lot of new people through Hi-League programs and have made amazing new friends. It has also been great to be able to stay in touch with my Confirmation class. I look forward to coming back to church this new year to learn new songs in choir and continue growing the relationships I have formed.– Zoe Parish

My favorite event at Mount Olivet this fall was the Chancel Choir Gustavus retreat. It is an overnight with a lot of activities and an opportunity to hang out with friends and meet new people. In 2016, I look forward to spending time at Cathedral of the Pines! I will be going up for Confirmation camp which I have heard is an awesome week and am so excited to spend that time with my friends and Confirmation class. – Bella Hueffmeier

Fall camp at Cathedral of the Pines was a turning point for me. I met many new people and now enjoy how open and comfortable I am at Mount Olivet. I really enjoy being involved in Circle of Friends and other service opportunities. I’m excited to get back to Mount Olivet to continue the relationships. I’m also looking forward to Cathedral of the Pines this summer where I will get to be a counselor. – Charlie Teien

Mount Olivet has a lot of fun events for us in Junior High. My favorite event of the fall was the Chancel Choir Gustavus Retreat. Being able to spend time with friends and meet a lot of new people was great. In 2016, I look forward to learning more about God and my faith in Confirmation, connecting back with friends, and more events such as the spring Lockout! – Will Carlson