With the construction of the new rumpus room at Cathedral of the Pines Camp, many people wonder how different camp must be now compared to their own days spent on the shores of Caribou Lake. Well here’s the truth ... yes, many of the buildings have been updated and some even reside in a different location, but the atmosphere and traditions of COP remain unchanged. Summer after summer COP enhances the lives of campers and volunteers alike. It fosters meaningful relationships and allows people to find and develop their faith. Whether you make it up to camp every summer or haven’t been in many years, know that you are always welcome to the place you know and love.

1.There is time each day to swim in beautiful Lake Caribou (Cathedral of the Pines 1955). 
2. Theme meals throughout the week make time in the lodge exciting and fun (Cathedral of the Pines 50’s Dinner 1983). 
3 Campers get to choose an activity they want to participate in at 11 o’clock activity (Cathedral of the Pines Crafts 1996). 
4 Everyone looks forward to the hootenanny where we all sing classic campfire songs around the fire (Cathedral of the Pines 1995). 
5. Don’t forget the boat rides (Cathedral of the Pines 2015)!