From Heaven Above

One of my favorite devotional writers is Frederick Buechner. In one of his books he writes that we all live “somewhere between the darkness and the light. Maybe those are the words that best sum up the paradox of who we are and where we are … somewhere between the fact of darkness and the hope of the light.”

We are the beloved creation of a loving God, and God comes into the world to claim us. Into the darkness God sends his Son, the light of the world – from heaven above. God knows the darkness and moral chaos of our world. God knows the deceptive darkness of our own souls. But God has not and will not give up on what God loves.

“Comfort, O comfort, my people …” Isaiah’s words speak the hope of God’s light into the wilderness places of our lives. The season of Advent is about our need for God and the new beginning God always offers us. Whatever is happening in our lives right now, the promise of Advent and of Christmas is this: In the places we are broken, in the darkness, in the silence of unanswered questions, the wondrous gift of the Light of the world comes to us. Emmanuel, God with us.

Life can begin again for all of us. We as God’s people are formed by the Light. God comes in God’s own time, but God always comes to us. And this Light – From Heaven Above – allows us to see not only what is, but what can be.