Called to Lead

We are called together to help one another in our walk with Christ. This summer, our family has had our faith strengthened through the Mount Olivet community. There have been many times where Ruth and I have said, how do people walk through this without faith? In this issue, I hope you will take a moment to see all the ways Mount Olivet encourages you to grow in your walk with Christ. Also, see the opportunities that enable you to help others in their walk as well. This is the invitation for you to get closer to God and one another, by spending time together.

We are called to share God’s love with one another – at all times and in all ways. Make time to be in ministry together, to pray, to participate, and invite others along. Faith is intended to be deeply personal, but never private. We do not always know what road is next, but I promise you it is ALWAYS better with God. Continue to grow in your faith by sharing in ministry together – worshipping together, gathering together, spending time with the Word of God. I continue to pray for you each day as I undergo treatment. I pray not only for your personal walk, but also in gratitude for the way God continues to lead us and Mount Olivet Church.

We are blessed to have a strong leadership team of pastors, staff , and lay leaders. Thank you for sharing your God-given gifts and talents and love not only for our church, but for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am excited about our fall programming line-up and all the opportunities we have to live out our faith each day. Never forget the
gift that is today. Thanks be to God!

Pastor Hogenson, Senior Pastor

For an update on Mount Olivet’s leadership during Pastor Hogenson’s treatment, please see the message from the vice president of our congregation, John Kapanke, and the Day in the Life article on page 4 of the August Messenger about our outstanding full-time pastoral staff. Ongoing updates on Pastor Hogenson’s condition can be found on his CaringBridge site at