Call Committee Update

The senior pastor call committee continues to be very busy. Just like everyone else in the congregation, the committee wishes that the process could go faster.

Our new senior pastor needs to understand our culture, our core values, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. We know that God will help us find that person that “gets it,” – that can maintain our traditions and also give us new energy and ideas for growing as a congregation.

As we study other pastors and congregations, we are reminded again of how unique Mount Olivet is in terms of size and complexities. The bar has been set very high for the senior pastor at Mount Olivet. Our goal, of course, is to maintain that very high standard. There are good candidates out there who have the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual capacity we are looking for. God will help us find that person.

We continue to ask for your patience and prayerful support.


Pastor Youngdahl Moving to Texas

Pastor Eric and Lindsay Youngdahl and their family are relocating to Houston, TX, in the coming months. Lindsay has accepted a position as Athletic Director at a Houston high school. Pastor Youngdahl has a great love for Mount Olivet, values his work here and will remain at Mount Olivet through August, possibly into the fall, as he actively seeks a call in Houston.

Pastor Youngdahl will remain until he (a) he receives a call or, (b) Mount Olivet determines it is in the best interest of the congregation to move forward. It is not anticipated that a call to a replacement pastor would be offered until the new senior pastor is in place. This is a great opportunity for Pastor Youngdahl to take all that he has learned at Mount Olivet into a new ministry. We will have time to thank him for his work among us during the past 10 years.

Can I Get a Witness?

Mount Olivet representatives at the 2016 Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly held May 6-7, 2016, were: Clyde & Lois Allen, Doris Buerkle, Martha Carlson, Curt Hokanson, Ken Jarcho, John Johnson, Paul & Mary Knutson, Gwen Ludwig, Bob Neuman, Peter Rodosovich, Les & Marilyn Sharpe, Pastor Gretchen Enoch, and Pastor Dennis Johnson.  Mary Knutson shares some of her thoughts from the Assembly.

 It was a privilege to attend the Minneapolis Synod Assembly, with the theme, “Can I Get a Witness?” The opening worship focused on taking care of God’s creation. Each congregation processed with jars of water from their respective watersheds and poured it into the baptismal font. Bishop Ann Svennungsen gave the sermon on John 4 and speakers presented on the need to tell our stories, just as the woman at the well told her story to others.

The Minneapolis Synod is made up of 150 congregations in the greater Minneapolis area and is one of 65 synods in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). There were exhibits and displays about what is going on in the ELCA. It’s inspiring to know that the ELCA is reaching out to the refugees and is a real presence in other countries. More information is at where you can watch the video message shared at synod assemblies across the ELCA.

The ELCA Churchwide Assembly will be August 8-13, in New Orleans. I will be attending as a voting member and our congregational observer is Paul Knutson.

Mary Knutson, Delgate to the 2016 Mpls Synod Assemby & Mount Olivet members since 1989


Retirement Reception for Eileen Scott 

Sun 8/21, Between Services, Mpls Campus Lounge. Please take a moment to wish Mount Olivet home economist / kitchen coordinator Eileen Scott a blessed retirement and thank her for her 45 years of dedication to Mount Olivet and her important work of hospitality.