So The Machetes Made Me a Little Nervous!

“There is no permutation of humanity in which Christ is not present. If every bible is lost, if every church crumbles to dust, if the last believer in the last prayer opens her eyes and lets it all finally go, Christ will appear on this earth as calmly and casually as he appeared to the disciples walking to Emmaus after his death …” *

The Mount Olivet Guatemalan Missionaries had finally arrived in the jungle. Indigenous folk with big brown eyes and deeply tanned skin were graciously holding our hands, helping us into a hand-carved boat to travel down the Rio Negro to the villages. When I looked down I saw that two of the local pastors who were accompanying us had machetes sheathed to their pack. So as not to alarm the group, I asked in Spanish: “Why are you carrying knives?” She smiled and said in English, “You never know.” Here’s what we learned in the midst of the jungle: You never DO know what surprises God has in store for his children. In the midst of these remote, primitive villages, in the absence of electricity or running water or any semblance of a modern convenience, God is present. Big time. There aren’t enough boats in the country to contain the inspiring, tangible, authentic, ever-present faith of these simple, humble children of God. Thank you, God, for their witness, to us. – Pastor Hammersten

* My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer by Christian Wiman; p. 11

2015 Guatemala Mission Trip participants