Easter Prospectus: Investing Long-Term

By Pastor Cornils

But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those
who have died … Christ the first fruits, then at his coming those who belong to Christ. – I Corinthians 15: 20-23

The glorious good news of Christ’s resurrection from the dead changes everything, most of all one’s perspective. That Christ has been raised from the dead, and that you and I will one day be raised with him, empowers our planning beyond day-to-day matters which often present as urgent, to agendas and opportunities which are eternal!
A successful business person came to a renewed faith in Jesus Christ. Asked to share what difference this made in his view of life, particularly management and investment of his (considerable) assets, he revealed the parameters of his prospectus with clear and compelling eloquence. Speaking before a mixed group of business folks – believers, non-believers, and others who claimed to be “spiritual, but not religious”– he said,

“Here’s the value proposition:
God is on your side.
The future is taken care of.
So you are free to serve and share in things that are eternal.”

Our Mount Olivet Lutheran Church is making an increasing investment in the future. We do this though providing faith-enhancing opportunities for children and young adults; providing programs and services that enhance our spirit of believing, belonging, and becoming; and by tending to our dear older saints and others who already are seeing glimpses of the life to come. In other words, our vision for mission embraces an eternal perspective while offering us opportunities to plan and provide with an Easter prospectus.
As we prayerfully plan for and provide an increasing proportion of our assets in support of Mount Olivet’s vision for mission, we are effectively increasing our investment allocation as an eternal, unending asset. One day you and I will know the eternal impact of our generosity. In the meantime, we get to smile securely with this Easter perspective:

God is on your side.
The future is taken care of.
So you are free to serve and share in things that are eternal.