Growing In Faith


To me, faith is believing in something bigger than myself, always knowing that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are surrounding me. Faith is living in the moment, with purpose and God in mind. As I get older and increase the quality of my connections with others, my faith grows stronger. However, that doesn’t mean that my faith is always fully present. When people aren’t being kind, when I’m having trouble placing trust in others, or when I’m going through a dark valley, it’s easy to lose focus and faith. These moments are tough, but it’s all a part of my faith journey. The thing that re-centers that faith is coming to church. When I’m having troubles, I can find people to help me through it. At Cathedral Choir and Hi-League, I can be fully present with people I love. Knowing that God is working through these people and Mount Olivet always helps to reaffirm my faith. Another way to find my focus is to look to Jesus as a role model. Jesus treated everyone with kindness and poured God’s love into them no matter what. If only we could act more like him! He sets the ultimate example and is a good guide as to how to live out my life with grace and goodness. By following Jesus’ example of kindness and creating meaningful connections, I continue to build a life founded in faith. – Anna Monarski


To me, faith is complete trust in someone. Faith is important to me because it is always something to lean back on when I need help or support. My faith has grown a lot over the years because I’ve needed it more than ever as I face new things. My faith has helped me get through really hard times because I know it will always get better. My faith has also brought me together with some of the best people I know. My faith has been tested in many ways and those tests have made my faith stronger because you don’t know what’s good if you haven’t seen what’s bad. Jesus plays an important part in my faith because his teachings are all about love, and I believe that love is very important. I don’t want to spend more time and energy being angry and ignoring all the good stuff that I could be focusing on. I think that Jesus is a good role model for everyone. He taught people how to care for each other and I think that is the best way to live. Caring for people is so important because it creates a better world. It helps people feel valued and cared about. – Izzy Quast



Hi! I’m Gibson, a junior at Chaska High School. I have been going to Mount Olivet West since kindergarten. My faith has grown through the years and continues to grow through the friendships I have made at Mount Olivet. Being a teenager is all about social interactions, friends, people you meet and figuring out where you belong. The relation-
ships I have established at church through Cathedral Choir, Cathedral of the Pines, and Hi League are more personal than most of the friendships I have at school and on social media. It is hard to say why I have such a close relationship with the people at church. It’s kind of hard to describe it. I think it’s bigger than me. I guess that’s faith, believing I belong somewhere and that I am where I’m supposed to be. Jesus has given me a guide to live by, teaching me to be selfless and do things for other people. Faith gives me an ease of mind, that there is always someone there for me, which is God. I would not be where I am today without Mount Olivet and my faith. – Gibson Prescher


My faith is my belief that God loves me unconditionally for who I am today. It constantly reminds me that I am not alone, even when I am feeling lonely. My faith is something that I can always trust to guide me in the right direction. Faith helps me face difficult situations with the trust I will get through tough times and be ok. My faith has grown over the past several years as I have become a teenager. My world is constantly changing and I have faced many difficult situations that would have been easy to run and hide from. But, because I have faith that God is with me and is watching over me, I am able to confront stressful or sad times with less fear. My faith has been tested many times since I was a child. When my parents divorced during elementary school, I was often filled with a whirlwind of emotions because I didn’t understand why my life was drastically changing. My involvement in many church youth activities strengthened my faith and showed me others understood my feelings and could give me support. Also, both my mom and dad have had cancer and from a young age I experienced the fear of losing my parents. My faith that God will help me through fear and protect and guide me regardless of my circumstances has made me stronger and more accepting of adversity in my life. I know that God is always there when I need him the most and I can always rely on my faith in God to lead me through my tough times.
– Sydney Doran