Currently, our West Campus Sunday School, Confirmation, and choirs meet in four separate buildings. For safety, growth, and comfort it is essential that we provide quality facilities for education, music, youth, hospitality, and administration, in addition to more worship space – ALL under one roof!

Q: Is the 2017 Capital Campaign only for the new West Campus addition? – STEVE FRITZKE
A: There is a smaller campaign going on for the Minneapolis Campus East Addition, but with that goal in sight we are putting the 2017 capital campaign emphasis on the West Campus Addition. The pledge form includes options to contribute to one or both of the campaigns. Designations will be honored.

Q: Why does the 2017 plan cost more than the 2014 plan?
A: The new addition is significantly larger, incorporates higher-quality materials, has larger windows and wider hallways, requires more excavation to better utilize the natural topography and Schutz Lake views, enables future expansion, and more. In addition, construction costs have risen greatly.

Q: How is the REMAINING money from the 2014 capital campaign being used? – PETER STRATMOEN
A: 2014 gifts for the West Campus Addition and Minneapolis Campus East Addition have been set aside as designated by donors. The remaining money is being split evenly between the two projects. This money is part of the $8 million given to date for the $14 million West Campus Addition project.

A: Gifts of all sizes are needed and appreciated to reach the goal. There is no such thing as a gift that is too small or too large. We hope the Holy Spirit will move you to give from a place of faith, joy, and excitement! Prayers are important too!

Q: What happens if the goal is not met? – MARY JO HUNTLEY A: With broad support of gifts of all sizes, we are prayerfully hopeful that we will meet our goal. However, if we do fall short, the Congregation Council will be charged with determining next steps. Designated funds will be held until they can be expended for the project.