Experiencing and Expressing Easter

The first witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection had little ritual but a mighty realization: He is Risen! He is Risen, indeed! They went out not merely remembering Christ but experiencing him and expressing him to the world. A great and growing cloud of witnesses in every age has echoed the thrilling Easter acclamation, He is Risen! Christ lives in me!

    The long passage of time since those earliest experiences of Easter has brought us a temptation to keep on repeating the ritual of our Lord’s resurrection without being moved by it. Let us not remain unmoved! Let us arise this Easter season anticipating a fresh realization Christ’s life-giving, love-giving Spirit! Let us sing our alleluias and activate our witness and service to others with the glowing assurance, Christ lives in me!

    Easter is not a passive exercise for pious people. Christ is counting on our Mount Olivet congregation to provide a glowing witness which our communities and world sorely need.

Clarence Jordan describes the energy of Easter among us:
The crowning evidence that Jesus was alive was not a vacant grave,
but a spirit-filled fellowship. Not a rolled-away stone, but a carried-away church.

    Personally renewing, and for the sake of our worried world, let us draw encouragement and example by emulating “so great a cloud of witnesses” of every age – experiencing and expressing the saving power of Easter in our world today. – PASTOR CORNILS