A Glorious Day

What a glorious Easter Day! We prepared, the people came, we celebrated, and now we live and serve in the glow of the Resurrection. O’ Happy Day. Now we are into April, the month T.S. Eliot called “the cruelest,” because April often teases us with signs of new life, but just as easily fools us with a snowstorm. This year, it seems, will be an early spring. Not cruel, but lovely. Spring invigorates us. New life comes. It is not the same as living in the new life of Christ, but it parallels and complements it. Opportunities to grow and learn abound as we launch our spring Adult Learning courses. We gather together as a community of faith for upcoming fellowship and service opportunities. Registrations continue to come in for the many summer camps, fun days, and other programs to enrich our young people. And, for the staff at Mount Olivet, spring also means planning for the fall.

I have been asked about my future. My original contract carries through until May 31. However, I have agreed to stay until a new senior pastor is called. That process has started. Our call committee is hard at work. We are so grateful to the call committee members that brought us Pastor John Hogenson and that they have all agreed to serve again. Their familiarity with the process and one another will give us an advantage.  Pray for them and please see the article titled Call Committee Update.

Pastor Hogenson continues to provide meaningful messages to our congregation and community through his CaringBridge posts, which are also available on our website. He continues to be a wonderful conversation partner for me. Pastor Hogenson extends his gratitude for your continued thoughts and prayers for him and his family.

Task Forces for Mount Olivet West and the James Project at Minneapolis are completing their work and we will soon unveil the final plans that will be recommended. The capital campaign restart is in “the quiet phase” of talking to potential donors and will be completing plans in the next months for when we begin the more public campaign in the congregation. Many are eager to get going again. Successful plans begin with thorough and solid preparation. Stay tuned!

A wonderful group of new members will join our congregation in April. As we welcome them, we seek to provide opportunities for meaningful service and involvement to complement their life in Christ.  We are a servant congregation and as we welcome these new members it is a reminder for all of us to awaken our commitment to our life in Christ.

Mount Olivet needs your best all the time, but especially during times of transition. Stay strong, stay faithful. Sometimes new members tell us the surprising gift that is Mount Olivet! “I had no idea Mount Olivet does so much!” Well, I guess we don’t like to brag – there is a downside to tooting one’s own horn – but do invite others to “come and see” the great things that are happening here. See you in church – we are expecting you.

Pastor Dennis J Johnson