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October 6, 2017 This Week @ Mount Olivet

When we heard the news from Las Vegas this past week...or from Orlando a year ago...or Sandy Hook a few years before that, we may have wondered if violence, fear, and loss are so dominant in our world that they color our past, present, and future. At times like these, we are called to remember that we worship a Savior who took on himself all the violence the world could offer and, in doing so, offered another way. For when Jesus was raised from death, he did not come back with vengeance and retribution, returning violence for violence, but instead offered forgiveness and peace and commissioned us - all of us - to share the good news with all the world that tragedy and death and hatred and violence are, ultimately, no match for the redemption and life and love and peace that God offers.

The cross is God’s promise that no matter how difficult things may be, God is with us. And the resurrection is God’s promise that violence and death do not and will not have the last word. These promises do not erase our grief or lessen our responsibility to act to make such atrocities less likely. But, in the meantime, God’s promise of life and peace does offer us hope, and hope is the birthplace of compassion, faithful action, and courage.

Pastor Lose, Senior Pastor

God of all mercy and consolation, God of justice and forgiveness, God of life and hope, be present with all those oppressed by violence around the world and especially with those affected by the shootings in Las Vegas. Heal the injured, comfort those who mourn, strengthen those providing aid, thwart the plans of those harboring violence, and guide those responsible for crafting policies that protect the vulnerable and keep us safe. In times of struggle and confusion, empower us always to work for justice and peace and embolden us to share the good news of life, courage, and hope we have found in Jesus. In whose name we pray, Amen.

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Hurricane Disaster Relief

With major hurricanes hitting the US, thousands of people have lost their homes. Many have asked how we may respond to those affected.

In addition to your continual prayer you may share financially
- Through Lutheran Disaster Response:
-  Send your gift to Mount Olivet labeled Disaster Relief Fund and we will forward it on for you.

Your generosity always makes a difference in the lives of others.