I can truly say that it is an honor and a privilege to serve as your new Senior Pastor.  Our Stewardship theme of “Build Us Up, Lord!” sums up my feelings that together we are building a future of faith on the firm foundation, Jesus Christ our Lord. I so enjoyed our Stewardship gatherings in September—the meatballs were delicious, but more importantly, the fellowship and generosity, inspiring!

Thank you to all members who have pledged support for Mount Olivet Lutheran Church and its many ministries for 2015.  We are happy to report pledges are up 12.8% and we are grateful to God for the many beautiful things happening at Mount Olivet.

Why pledge?  Pledging provides a road map for your pastors, staff, and those who make our budget to maximize every dollar pledged for the most effective ministry and mission possible.  Watch our Stewardship video about the beautiful things happening in and around Mount Olivet and make your pledge today. 

You may make your pledge online or by calling the finance office directly at 612-767-2255.  Also, pledge forms were mailed to all members who did not attend a Stewardship meal. Staff members will be making reminder calls to those who have not yet pledged over the next few weeks, so please—pledge today!

As we work together in mission and ministry, I give thanks to all that God has done and is doing through Mount Olivet and I give thanks in advance for what God will do through us in the future. Let us all give thanks and praise to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, each and every day.

In Christ,  Pastor John D. Hogenson

Hear Pastor Hogenson's inspiring message that shaped his giving.