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April 12
Both Campuses
May 06
Wednesday 4:00 PM
Minneapolis: Fellowship Hall- Minneapolis
May 07
Thursday 8:00 AM
Minneapolis: Fellowship Hall- Minneapolis
May 08
Friday 8:00 AM
Minneapolis: Fellowship Hall- Minneapolis
May 09
Saturday 9:00 AM
“Moving from Anxiety to Optimal Wellness” Saturday May 9th, 9-Noon Cost: $15.00 Keynote: L. Read Sulik, MD, Chief Integration Officer at PrairieCare -A U of M Medical School Affiliate An interactive workshop which includes the Youth Advisory Panel from PACER Center. Participants will come to understand the Fight, Flight and Freeze response and how chronic stress, trauma and anxiety can lead to systemic health as well as severe cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems. Dr. Sulik’s teaching through stories and examples will help participants understand how individuals with anxiety are so easily misinterpreted, misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Dr. Sulik will review approaches to prepare an individual to change the conditioned patterns that often develop as a result of chronic anxiety and will introduce a framework for a personal health and wellness transformation he uses in his work with patients. Resources will be available.

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call 612-926-7651.Questions? Contact Andrea Brown, 612-767-2209 or
Minneapolis: Fellowship Hall- Minneapolis

Living The Message


What is Living the Message?

Living the Message is designed to build vibrant faith in the members and friends of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church. It is an all-congregation, Bible-focused movement to make Bible discovery accessible, convenient, and welcoming.

  • Once a month, October through May, small groups of 8-10 meet to talk about a book of the Bible and enjoy fellowship with others.
  • Groups are based on neighborhoods, common interests, or simply the convenience of a meeting place and time. They meet in homes, coffee shops, church spaces, or wherever works best for the group.
  • Members commit to one group for eight monthly gatherings and agree to read the assigned books and attend the small group discussions.
  • A small group discussion guide and notes from the pastor’s overview will be available on this webpage.
  • Each month, a pastor will teach that month’s chosen book of the Bible for those who agree to be discussion facilitators and anyone else who is interested. Facilitators are expected to be well prepared, but not expected to be experts on the book of the Bible being explored.

Living the Message: Pastors’ Introductions
Whether or not you participate in a Living the Message small group, you are welcome to attend the pastors’ introductions to each month’s chosen book of the Bible. 

Registration not required.
No cost.
Contact: Carol  Throntveit 612.767.2246

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Discussion Guides

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October 2014 LTM Joshua
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