Associate Pastors:

Pastor Hogenson
Pastor Kalland
Pastor Cornils
Pastor Youngdahl
Pastor Hammersten
Pastor Bakken
Pastor MacLean
Pastor Enoch

Additional Pastoral Staff

Pastor Jim Anderson, Archives
Pastor Hugh Gilmore, Visitation Pastor
Pastor Knutson, Pastoral Care
Pastor Terry Morehouse, Radio Ministry
Pastor Linton Scott, Outreach Ministry
Pastor Gary Wilkerson, Counseling Services

Our Pastors


Pastor John Hogenson, Senior Pastor
Pastor John D. Hogenson is the eighth Senior Pastor of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church. Born on November 3, 1958 in Owatonna, MN, Pastor Hogenson holds a Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary and is a graduate of Beeson Institute for Advanced Church Leadership. Pastor Hogenson is committed to building the kingdom of God and making the world more like what Christ envisioned. In his 25 years in ministry, Pastor Hogenson has served five congregations; holding a variety of spiritual & leadership positions including: Solo Pastor, Director of Pastoral Care, Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, & Lead Pastor.

Pastor Kurt Kalland, Associate
Pastor Kalland became an associate pastor at Mount Olivet Church in 1992.  Known for his gregarious personality and love of cars, Pastor Kalland is the Pastoral Adviser of Pastoral Care and various special interest groups including Motorheads, while also providing counsel and support for individuals affected by chemical dependency. 


Pastor Stephen Cornils, Associate
Pastor Cornils returned to Mount Olivet Church as an associate pastor  in 2006.  He has a passion for the outdoors and is an active bicycle enthusiast.  Pastor Cornils serves as the Pastoral Adviser for Adult Ministries and Stewardship, and pastoral director of the friends forever ministry group. Thinking with Pastor Cornils
Pastor Eric Youngdahl, Associate
Pastor Youngdahl came to Mount Olivet as an associate pastor in 2006 and currently serves as a lead pastor at the West Campus.   He is the pastoral adviser for children's and family ministry. In his free time, Pastor Youngdahl enjoys running, football, golf and reading.

Pastor Monica Hammersten, Associate
Pastor Hammersten is a life-long member of Mount Olivet Church. She currently serves as pastoral adviser for Fellowship ministries, Mount Olivet Homes' Auxiliary, Senior Singles, Thursday Friends and Mount Olivet friends.  In addition to her boundless energy, Pastor Hammersten has a heart for all people and great love for her church and its members, along with a deep concern for persons with special needs.

Pastor Drew Bakken, Associate
Pastor Bakken became a member of Mount Olivet's pastoral staff in 2009.  He works with youth, community outreach and a variety of social ministries including twenty somethings, men's club and young marrieds.  Thinking with Pastor Bakken
  Pastor William MacLean, Associate
Pastor MacLean became a member of Mount Olivet's pastoral staff in 2013.  He works with membership, community outreach, pastoral care and a variety of social ministries including fellowship ministries, sailing ministry and men's breakfast. Thinking with Pastor MacLean
  Pastor Gretchen Enoch, Associate
Pastor Enoch became a member of Mount Olivet's pastoral staff in 2013.  She is a consecrated Lutheran Deaconess of The Lutheran Deaconess Association.  She works with pastoral care, education, Mount Olivet Homes' Auxiliary and has a heart for hospitality and service.  She delights in worship leadership and Biblical studies.  she will also be leading spiritual retreats at Mount Olivet Conference and Retreat Center.  She enjoys the outdoors and adventures of many kinds.