Phone Numbers

Home/Careview Home: 612.827.5677

Cathedral of the Pines:
  Kris Ericksen/Office - 612.767.2207
  Lutsen - 218.663.7255

Conference & Retreat Center: 952.469.2175

Day Services:
  Adult - 612.861.3305
  Child - 612.861.8812

Rolling Acres: 952.474.5974

Mount Olivet Affiliates


Mount Olivet Careview Home
Mount Olivet Careview home is a licensed, skilled-care nursing facility that serves 153 residents needing 24-hour-a-day care. Medications are administered by the nursing staff, and physical, occupational, speech and IV therapy are available.


Cathedral of the Pines Camp
Cathedral of the Pines Camp serves children and young people by enhancing their spiritual and emotional development through summer camp experiences. Each year more than 2000 people are touched by this ministry.


Mount Olivet Conference & Retreat Center
Mount Olivet Conference and Retreat Center is a place where people of all ages can discover God in a unique and peaceful setting. We offer day events, weekend retreats, personal retreats, worship experiences and fellowship opportunities. In 2006, more than 10,000 people were served through this affiliate.


Mount Olivet Day Services
Mount Olivet Day Services provides a unique opportunity for intergenerational interaction in a nurturing and secure environment. Mount Olivet Day Service is housed in a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide integrated and separate quality adult and child day care. We are currently licensed to serve 35 adults and 139 full-time children.


Mount Olivet Home
Mount Olivet Home is a licensed, board and care facility, providing care for 94 individuals living in private rooms. This facility provides an opportunity for residents to move about independently and manage their needs in a safe and secure environment. 24-hour-a-day nursing assistance is available.


Mount Olivet Rolling Acres
Mount Olivet Rolling Acres serves people of all ages and backgrounds with mental and physical disabilities, offering long-term care, short-term crisis support, transitional and respite services. In addition to residents served through long term care facilities, Mount Olivet Rolling Acres also provides beds for short-term transition service and has community homes. In 2006, more than 800 people were directly served through programs and residential facilities.

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Grace Hospice
Grace Hospice has been developed through a partnership with Augustana Care and Mount Olivet Careview Home. These organizations have a long history of quality care, have rich blessings of volunteers, and provide service to those in physical, emotional, or spiritual need. The mission of Grace Hospice is to serve God by recognizing that every person deserves to live out his or her life with respect and dignity, free of pain, and in an environment that promotes quality of life.